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3 Sure Signs Your Gutters Need to be Replaced | Charlotte NC

March 18, 2013 at 8:28 AM

There are several ways in which you can tell that your gutters are past repairing. While many of the signs will be clearly visible, there are some signs that you will need to have a closer look at. The drainage system that your gutters use needs to be functional at all times to ensure that you won’t have leaks.

Here are 3 sure signs that your gutters NEED to be replaced:

Sign # 1

Looking at the surface of your gutters is the easiest way to tell if they need repairs. This might require a ladder to look at the surface. If the surface visibly shows any cracks or leaks then that is a sure sign you need to have your gutters replaced.

Regardless if you have seamless gutters or sectional gutters, if they are past a simple repair, small cracks will start to appear in them. This leads to water damage on your walls as well as leakage which could permeate the walls of your home. Remember, if you only see smaller cracks that are slowly starting to appear, larger cracks won’t be far behind!!

Sign # 2

Check the state of the paint job on your walls. If the paint job on your home is fairly new and still peeling, that is a clear sign that the gutters, or the drainage system, the pipes inside the walls, may be ready to be replaced.

If the paint is peeling near the gutter, or below it, that is a clear sign of water leakage, which can ultimately destroy the walls of your home, even if it has been newly constructed. The main purpose of the gutter is to ensure that water is directed away from the walls and foundation of your home. If the gutter is not performing its main purpose the gutter needs to be immediately replaced.

Sign # 3

Get a ladder and take a thorough look around your gutter system, so that you can examine for any blockages or clogs. If there are too many blockages or clogs and they will cause water to leak and spill. If this is the case, it might be time to look for a new gutter system. During winter, or even the autumn season, gutters can get clogged up with leaves, stones or other debris. This is due to the high speed winds during those periods. Debris can cause a lot of damage to the gutter system, but even if you try to unclog your gutters yourself this repeated cleaning can damage your gutters.

Ask us about our specials on Gutter protection systems. In some cases, a clogged gutter can be cleaned and with the help of a Gutter protection system, you will be able to protect your gutter system from debris AND damage! 

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